Stem Cells Endanger Profits & Power!

Stem Cells Endanger Profits & Power!

The cost of Stem Cell Therapy threatens the profits and power of the medical monopolies and drug cartels by curing diseases instead of managing their symptoms with drugs and procedures that require more drugs and procedures until you’re dead.

Keep some distinctions in mind.  Stem Cell Therapy today may be based on stem cells from your bone marrow or your body fat, called adipose derived stem cell.

Stem Cell Therapy is not perfect.  It’s not here yet.  It is proven and very safe.  Now we are in the innovation and improvement phase that occurs with any new discovery.

Just think about computers, or the big screen TV’s.  When they 1st came out, they were very expensive.

What we have today outperforms them by magnitudes of previous performance and at a fraction of the cost.

Let the drug companies, overpriced mainstream medical and zerocare politicians beware. Real options are coming and will not be stopped by all of the crooked legislators and bureaucratic agencies who serve the medical cartels.

We will be posting at least 3 articles on stem cells today.  I expect to make it a policy to provide at least 3 articles on any topic we post on the day we post it.

If you’re like me, if you want to learn about a topic you probably want more than just 1 source and 1 point of view.

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