Still Born Vaccines & Drugs?

Still Born Vaccines & Drugs?

Still Born Vaccines & Drugs?

This article explains how a patented drug starts its development with money taken from the serfs which is then dispensed based on the political clout of the recipients. 

The drug companies then pick over the results from the billions of taxpayer dollars shoveled to drug development that will profit a drug company.

This method is great for the politically powerful and the drug companies they feed, it is not so good for the serfs who pay for everything.

Propaganda praises the status quo with a few calls for more government oversight of problems created by government.  

“It’s complicated!” they cry. So is making a car and everything else that we do… That’s precisely why politicians and their central planning lackeys should never be in charge.

The soviet union and other failed central planners of history have proven political control and planning is seriously flawed.  

The article ends with a question that makes little sense about whether or not drug companies should operate for a profit or not.

Until you and I regain control of our dollars to guide them where we choose, the world will continue to suffer under the arrogance, ignorance and stupidity of the political elite.


The Biotech Valley Of Death: Ebola Vaccine Sat On The Shelf

The phrase “The Biotech Valley of Death” is used by researchers in the medical field when drugs, vaccines and antibiotics show initial promise at the early stages of research and development but fail to receive the necessary financial support for market acceptance.

As a result, many vaccines and antibiotics with the potential to improve human health end up hitting a “stone wall”, only to die a slow and painful death on the shelf of some government funded facility or university research lab. Why is this?

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