Stop Smoking Drugs Kill More Than Smoking?

Stop Smoking Drugs Kill More Than Smoking?

Stop Smoking Drugs Kill More Than Smoking?

I’m a former smoker and I had classes on how to quit. I smoked 3 to 5 packs a day up to 4 to 6 packs a day on weekends. I was in the night club business and the 2 kind of went together.

The 1st smoking superstition you need to overcome is how terribly hard it is to quit.

Anything that 10’s of Millions of people have done on their own, can’t be that difficult.

Well meaning people promote the propaganda that “Smoking is harder to quit than heroin!”.  I don’t know who was laughing harder, the drug companies or the tobacco industry, when that piece of tripe became accepted as gospel.

It drives people to drug companies and promotes their failure from any method at the same time.

One of my observations was that if you persist in pursuing change, you will succeed. It’s almost like, at some point, your brain says, “Oh! You’re serious. OK. All done.”

I do not see the logic of trading a more harmful drug for cigarettes. Follow the link and see the immediate harm offered by drug companies if you’ll just send them money instead of the tobacco tax divisions of the state with a pittance to the tobacco industry.

Explore the internet and watch YouTube Videos on How to Quit. Watch several and look for those you consider easiest for you; before throwing yourself into any program.

While you’re looking, many people will cut down in anticipation.

If you seek, your solution is looking for you too.

Smoking Cessation Drugs Are More Lethal Than Smoking Itself

Learning to stop smoking is not easy. You cough. You fidget. You crave. All you want is a cigarette. Just one. You want to go back to the day that you started this process and live that day over.

But these days, your doctor can offer you a lot more help in the form of smoking cessation drugs. Yes, that’s right, they can even double your chance of quitting.

There are just a few caveats, but no biggie. Besides increasing your hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts, they’ll also elevate your risk for other psychiatric disorders, not to mention bring down your gastrointestinal, metabolic, nervous, endocrine, immunological, renal, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

But hey, at least you’ll quit smoking right?…

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