Strange Vampire Approach To Healing & Longevity?

Strange Vampire Approach To Healing & Longevity?

This is probably not the standard do it yourself technology of the day.

Since it’s not a drug, the drug companies will pay their toads to pooh pooh the idea that there could be any benefit in blood.

This might be considered part of a trend as one of the best alternative cures to cancer is a program developed by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who develops individualized treatments for his patients from their urine.

Because of his incredibly high success with patients labeled terminal, the drug companies have tried to put him in jail for years. The courtrooms end up flooded with people and children whose lives he saved and he wins after spending hundreds of thousands in legal fees and months of his time away form curing cancer patients.

Then the lapdogs for the drug industry start looking for a new way to put him in jail no matter how times grand juries fail to indict and no matter how many times they lose in court.

Just think what he might be able to accomplish if he didn’t have to spend all of his time in court and keep raising his fees to pay court costs?

We’ll provide more on Dr. Burzynski soon… Now back to the Michael Mosley.

Michael Mosley


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