Stupid Drug Promotions Valued As Science?

Magic Drugs Proven In Scientific Journals...

Stupid Drug Promotions Valued As Science?

Stupid Drug Promotions Valued As Science? Flickr: Mike Licht-Medical Research Miracle

The Demise of Science? Hundreds of Computer Generated Studies Have Been Published in Respected Scientific Journals

By Dr. Mercola

Many health care professionals rely on published research to make treatment recommendations, and large numbers of patients can be affected when false findings make their way into otherwise respected journals.

Unfortunately, this happens more frequently than you might think. In recent years, it’s become quite clear that the scientific field has a major problem on its hands, as seriously flawed, and worse, outright falsified, research is entering the system at an increasing rate.

Bad information is usually worse than no information at all, especially when we’re talking about health and treatment protocols that affect hundreds of thousands of patients.

Today, a majority of public health, diet, and medical treatment recommendations are flat out wrong, and this is precisely why allopathic care continues to become progressively more dangerous, killing patients rather than making them well.

The prevalence of anti-scientific science is also how we’ve ended up in a world of toxic chemical-based agriculture and subsidized junk food that deteriorates rather than supports health.

Industry and Medical Journals Are Destroying Credible Science

The problem, to a great extent, can be traced back to industry-based and industry-funded research, which has overtaken most scientific fields of inquiry. Independent research, where funding is unrelated to findings, has become a rarity, and the end result is a dramatic deterioration of credible science…

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