Stupid Vaccine Positions Exposed & Refuted

For Parents Who Want Safe Effective Vaccine Alternatives

In this video you learn that it’s not nice to question the $35 Billion a year that Fat Pharma makes from its vaccine divisions.

Ignorance allows the powerful to get away with murder.

When we explore and share research, observations, and opinions that don’t support the profits of mainstream medical, we are opening doors to a new and better future for all… Even those who call us “Anti-Science” and sing their jingles that a drugged world is a perfect world.

I don’t think fat pharma drug worship is anything but stupid.

Disneyland Dragon

Disneyland Dragon
Flickr: fortherock – Disneyland – Fantasmic – New Fire Breathing Dragon


If the products are worthwhile they can stand on their own without laws protecting them from liability. Instead they had special vaccine court created to protect them. It takes 9 years on average to receive damage awards that are favorably limited or denied. It shouldn’t be necessary to kidnap children from parents to inject their children with aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, thimerosal and live viruses. 

The Disney fiasco was another demonstration that the vaccines with all of these dangerous components don’t even work. Six of those who caught measles were vaccinated.

Consider that vaccines are a $35 Billion Dollar profit maker and not the end of all disease. What sense does it make to destroy freedom for something that doesn’t even protect those taking the risk of immunization from a disease no one in the US has died from in the last 10 years?

Dr Andrew Wakefield tells his side of the story in the: MMR Vaccine causes Autism debate

Continue as we explore the question: Are stupid decisions harder to change than good ones?

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