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Just think, once you finish listening and reviewing the presentations by this international collection of Doctors, you too can be called “Anti-Science” and other derogatory terms by the truly ignorant…

Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld is the head of the Department of Medicine at the Tel Aviv University. He founded and heads the Center for Autoimmune Diseases centered at the largest hospital in Israel. He has published over 1,600 papers in medical journals and written over 25 books. 

Quick: Is the guy on the right open-minded or mind made up?

Quick: Is the guy on the right open-minded or mind made up?
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Who do you think is more “anti-science” and ignorant?

  1. All these doctors who are constantly researching, investigating and publishing that you’re seeing in the videos?
  2. People like you and I who are not afraid to ask questions and who take the time to question and investigate the value of drugs pushed by multi-billion dollar companies?
  3. The pro vaccine pushers who deny anyone but them is smart enough to have an opinion?

Dr. Shoenfeld mentions peer reviewed published papers reporting that immune diseases can take months to years to develop.

The vaccine court denies any claim that didn’t show up within set time frames after being vaccinated. Their time frames do not agree with current published research. 

Do you think the judges are ignorant and don’t read or were the courts created to protect the Billions of Dollars of Revenues of the drug companies no matter what? 

You will note these speakers do NOT all agree with each other on everything. I enjoy hearing about some of the wild variables that may be involved. So enjoy and be prepared for interesting questions, observations, and differing viewpoints.

ASIA – Autoimmune (Auto-Inflammatory) Syndrome Induced by Adjuvant: A New Syndrome to be Defined


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