SWAT Teams Rescue Utilities From Refuseniks!

SWAT Teams Rescue Utilities From Refuseniks!

SWAT Teams Rescue Utilities From Refuseniks!

It’s a good thing that DC takes Trillions from us to provide 10% back for things they want to spend our money on like tanks & drones to prop up local power structures.

Who would have ever realized the threat of solar power and not supporting local monopolies?

Don’t be afraid. That’s why you pay taxes on everything and live under a bizarre code of so many laws, you can’t read or understand them.

Good government guarantees us monopolies that will not be ignored.

The fight for sustainable living as legal battles and SWAT teams prevail

(NaturalNews) Many people want to escape today’s fast-paced world of 24/7 connectivity and, instead, reconnect with nature and even themselves.

Others opt to forgo the traditional ways of living simply because they wish to create a truly sustainable planet, one that relies more on natural resources and less on environmentally harmful ones that are often controlled by corporations.

For many, it’s a mix of both, the ongoing threats of societal collapse nudging their decision along.

However, those attempting to do good for the Earth and themselves may end up facing legal battles.

Cape Coral, Florida, resident Robin Speronis is one such person.

For over a year, she was living off the grid using solar energy, rain water and a propane camp stove when officials cited the International Property Maintenance Code, which says that homes should be connected to running water sources and an electricity grid, as reason for her to cease her lifestyle. “

A code enforcement officer came, knocked on the door then posts a placard that says uninhabitable property, do not enter,” said Speronis, a widow who lives alone.(1,2)

Ultimately, it was determined that she was guilty for not being hooked up to an approved water supply while she was found not guilty for not using the correct electrical or sewer system.

Off-the-grid living increasingly commonplace…

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SWAT Teams Rescue Utilities From Refuseniks!
Flickr: Oregon Department of Transportation-SWAT team

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