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Light Therapy

Depression? Light Therapy? Energy?

Depression? Light Therapy? Energy? We are energy and part of the family of light. Light is our ignored healer.  How to embrace the light… Light Therapy for Depression and Boosting Energy “There are times in our lives when sadness, stress, and grief affect our emotional state so much that they make us depressed and fatigued… In

Fibromyalgia Pain… Divided Mind Treatment

Fibromyalgia Pain… Divided Mind Treatment  “Dr. Sarno brilliantly explores the chasm between the conscious and unconscious minds, where psychosomatic ailments originate.” (Mehmet Oz, M.D., co-author of You: The Owner’s Manual) The Divided Mind (1-5) Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment – The Epidemic of MindBody Disorders… Video Publisher’s Summary “The Divided Mind is the crowning achievement of Dr.

Explore This Simple Reiki Self-Healing Technique

Explore This Simple Reiki Self-Healing Technique “A couple weeks ago I shared a video on Reiki. In today’s video I share a self-healing practice that you can begin to integrate into your daily routine to help bring you a greater sense of vitality and wellbeing. “This self-healing practice not only promotes good health but is also easy

Spontaneous Remission

Spontaneous Remission? Video

Spontaneous Remission? Video The good news is; there is nothing that hasn’t healed somehow despite doctors declaring “No Hope!” The bad news is that both doctors and those who have challenges that have healed others tend to believe there is no hope and keep their eyes closed. Radical Remission Research – Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD

Nocebo Effect… Dr. Ben Goldacre 5 Minute Presentation

Nocebo Effect… Dr. Ben Goldacre 5 Minute Presentation Dr. Ben Goldacre is a Fast Talking Medical Doctor from Britain with a wild sense of humor and  a vocabulary that includes profanity.  If you’re easily offended, enjoy the guilty pleasure.  He provides a very entertaining presentation.  We will explore Placebo and Nocebo Effect extensively because they