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Thanks For Seeking Individual Freedom & Rejecting Power Addiction

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Thanks For Seeking Individual Freedom & Rejecting Power Addiction

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Our Best Solution to All Health, Healing, Availability, and Affordability Problems is Health Freedom. (Health Freedom and Individual Freedom Can Never Be Separated without Losing Both…)

Politicians, bureaucrats, police, and the legal system deny us uncensored information, freedom of choice, freedom of contract, life-saving choices, ownership of our bodies and lives, opportunity to share and sometimes profit from what we discover…

Our arrogant and ignorant would be rulers expect our worship, gratitude, and praise.

They’ve already got our money or can snatch it whenever they wish.

They create, promote, and protect medical monopolies, cartels, and entire industries to enforce their stupidity as they destroy innovation, improvements, competing technologies, services and competitive pricing for the benefit of the few.

No matter how bizarre it seems, most of them are true believers who do not question that “The political elite are the necessary evil needed to create good.”

They also believe; Individual Freedom with all of its blessings is a threat to all. 

We welcome you to join another site of mavericks to support each other, question, explore, and share what we learn or discover from our own experiments.

Can we change our own worlds to lead others to change for the better?

Can we reach a tipping point where today’s’ madness is a dim nightmare barely remembered?

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Thanks For Seeking Individual Freedom & Rejecting Power Addiction

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