The Bought Movie! Flu Shots Don’t Work Better Than Sterile Water?

The drug cartels buy or rent lying politicians to lie for them. The other government agencies get in line to support the lies; because, their positions, paychecks, perks, and power over other people come from that the abuses the other members political elite can get away with.

“Power over others not only corrupts, it makes stupid too.” Richard Maybury

The lunatics in charge are destroying the world in their lust for more power and control. Be sure to share what you discover; because, the power addicted need our cooperation to help keep us turned against each other.

When we defend out neighbor from the lunatics, that day the lunatics lose power. Slowly – or hopefully suddenly – the miracle of Individual Freedom and all the blessings it creates will begin to flourish throughout the world.

Bought! Flu Shots Don’t Work Better Than Sterile Water?

The Flu shot is something that’s being pushed on us from every direction.

The CDC would love to have you believe that thousands of people die from Flu every year,
just in the United States alone.

In 2001, out of the 60,000 people that the CDC said died of Flu that year in the United States there were 18 confirmed deaths from Influenza. I mean that’s just a huge discrepancy.

What they do is they pull all deaths in the winter that have anything to do with respiratory symptoms together and they all label them as Flu deaths whether they’ve even documented Flu or not. And so the CDC loves to promote the Flu vaccine because the CDC’s been very much in cahoots with the industry.

This vaccine doesn’t work, it’s a waste of our money, it’s a waste of our time. Many people who’ve received the flu shot report getting the flu shortly after they’ve gotten the shot.