The Stink Behind Scented Products?

The Stink Behind Scented Products?

The Stink Behind Scented Products?

If I’d been smart, instead of stubborn, I would have investigated and found some natural alternatives for her to use that didn’t have the same downsides as the scented products promoted on TV.

I wanted things that didn’t smell at all. Fine for me; but, what I wanted didn’t satisfy her needs. So I was a pest. My bad.

This article provides information some of you may find helpful in identifying problems and providing solutions for you.

To your good health, whatever you choose…

(NaturalNews) Sure, many aisles in stores smell wonderful, as swirls of cinnamon, vanilla and fresh linen scents waft through the air. However, these pleasantries, which are often designed to reduce unappealing household odors, are not only merely masking the offensive smells but…

Ditch toxic commercial air fresheners and try these natural methods for air purification

…According to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a great deal of these products contain hazardous chemicals called phthalates, which are known to cause a range of health disturbances including birth defects, abnormalities in genital development and hormonal changes.

This is even the case in many products that carry “all natural” or “unscented” wording. Therefore, it’s best to look for safer alternatives that freshen the air naturally and help, rather than harm, health.

The bottom line is that these chemicals can ultimately enter the bloodstream via inhalation or by seeping into the skin, creating an unhealthy environment.

As such, the NRDC recommends closer monitoring and banning of such products by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission while also urging consumers to simply stop using such items in their home.

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