Vaccine Advertising & PR Promotion Tricks?

Vaccine Advertising & PR Promotion Tricks?

Vaccine Advertising & PR Promotion Tricks?

Are you afraid of contagious diseases for yourself  & your loved ones? Have you been manipulated by advertising, scientists for hire, & public relations (PR) campaigns tricksters?

Advertising execs use fear and confusion to keep people frozen. When any of us are fearful and confused, our conditioned response is: freeze or follow the crowd.

It’s never easy to accept changes in our thinking. We’re busy. Change requires a willingness to question in the face of campaigns designed to dull our thinking.

All innovation starts with questions. 

I love sales and marketing, even though it’s a field seriously hampered by thought police… Censorship brings a crashing halt to our ability to have vigorous debate in the market place.

When bureaucrats dictate what is true and what isn’t, that means one of the most effective tools in history, freedom of speech, has been assaulted and broken. The result is that only politically protected speech is allowed.

When Freedom of Speech in any market place is denied, innovation is the main victim. The major beneficiaries are the market leaders. They are protected from criticism, creativity, and competition.

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Cleverly Used Vaccine’s Ability to Cause Disease to Scare People to
Demand Mandatory Vaccination

Companies must be forced to improve their products. They don’t improve voluntarily; because…

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