Vaccine Advertising & PR Promotion Tricks?

Vaccine Advertising & PR Promotion Tricks?

Monopolies, cartels, and market leaders rarely want progress; because, it can destroy highly profitable operations where they have invested 10’s of millions or billions. And now someone comes up with an idea that will make that investment obsolete.

Innovation can destroy an industry. 

If an industry innovates too quickly, they may still be paying for the infrastructure they created when it becomes obsolete. Few will willingly move forward.

Only unbridled competition can demand the best products and services to continually appear in the marketplace.  

The US auto-industry was forced to improve their manufacturing by competition headquartered in other countries. And we’re all better off because US car manufacturers were forced to improve their piously poor product offers. (Piously? Yeah. If the product sucks, tell people it’s their duty.)

Anyone who thinks the US drug care system is effective is not paying attention. We have the most expensive, ineffective, and unresponsive mega profit producing sickness sustaining industry in the world. They froth at the mouth at the mention of cures.

With billions in advertising dollars, grant dollars, political payoffs, and the benefit of sitting on the top of the marketplace, drug companies can survive only if they continue to confuse and terrify the marketplace while their political pull protects them from innovation and competition.

People who are confused or scared won’t change.

Drug company advertising and promotion departments use fear and confusion. 

The guys in the industry PR departments are very clever. They seek ways to belittle their critics. One of their favorites is name-calling. They plant the idea that anyone who questions vaccines is anti-science.

I disagree. Anyone who refuses to question most everything is anti-science and doing their unwitting best to destroy discoveries and innovations to protect monopolies, cartels and products that can’t stand the light caused by questions, freedom of speech, and unbridled competition.

If I could reduce your chances of contracting measles as well as or better than expensive drugs that have very real side effects, and I start a marketing program that would tell you what I’ve discovered and why I believe what I’ve learned, I would be prosecuted and the drug companies would be protected.

The only reason I can share what I learn is because I don’t sell you what I believe works. This protects the drug companies. It doesn’t protect individuals and their loved ones.

The person who has the most incentive to explain your choices is the person who makes money from supplying you alternatives to what everyone else is doing. And that’s the person political power shuts up.

So share what you discover. You and I are the alternative news media.

I will do my best to find and share useful, inexpensive, safe alternatives… and to expose the risks provided by monopolies and cartels. If you want to protect freedom of speech and reverse its loss, share what you discover and think to defy tyranny and monopoly power.

Please like us and share… Search our site for Dr. Levy to discover alternatives that I choose over vaccines. And focus on creating health instead of taking high profit drug concoctions to avoid illness.

Now watch this video to explore 1 example of how monopolies take their failures and blame the problems they create on those who question their products and refuse their offers.

The drug pushers don’t want competition and they want to own you to the degree they dictate that you will pay them money and – whether you like it or not – they will stick needles in you & your loved ones to inject drugs that no competitors and no marketplace are allowed to vigorously debate.

Vaccine strain of measles found in measles outbreaks: genetic testing reveals forensic evidence of outbreak source

(NaturalNews) If you’re worried about your child contracting measles, whooping cough or one of the other scary-sounding infectious diseases being hyped up by the mainstream media right now, you might want to steer clear of recently vaccinated children rather than the unvaccinated.

What you’re not being told by the corporate media is that attenuated vaccines like MMR, the proposed solution to the contrived Disneyland measles outbreak, shed live viruses for weeks or even months following vaccination, spreading vaccine-strain infections to others.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated children alike are at risk from recently vaccinated children, who are walking disease carriers spreading viruses and, in some cases, triggering disease outbreaks.

This is never spoken about by the sell-out talking heads on TV, but it’s a scientific fact that simply can’t be ignored in light of the current national conversation on vaccines.

Practicing nephrologist, or kidney specialist, Dr. Suzanne Humphries spoke about this during a recent lecture, in which she highlighted the technological advancements that have allowed for vaccine-strain viruses to be identified in children.

“There were several cases of measles outbreaks occurring in children who had just been vaccinated,” explained Dr. Humphries.

“They looked at, with this DNA and genetic fingerprinting, what strains they were and it was the vaccine strain that they were infected with. So not only did they become sick from measles from the strain that they were vaccinated with, but they were contagious.”

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Science Confused with Advertising & PR Promotions?

Science Confused with Advertising & PR Promotions?
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