Vaccine Tyranny Fails in Northwest!

Vaccine Tyranny Fails in Northwest!

Vaccine Tyranny Fails in Northwest!

I don’t doubt that the people who want to steal the health freedom and other rights of families think they are correct.

I used to be that arrogant, probably worse… Make me king and the world will be perfect.

It was never true. It will never be true. People should not live under my rule. (This normally brings out a funny response by someone who insists that not living under my rule means they should rule because I don’t have the right to deny them a dictatorship.)

The vaccine pushers want tyranny because they think they are clear thinkers and anyone who disagrees with them is obviously not.

We’re too stupid to understand their arguments.

They see drugs and vaccines as science. Standing in the way of the drug companies is “Anti-Science.”

The vaccine true believers don’t acknowledge that all of the bad things, failures, and harm created by the drug companies should be considered.

I would love to know why, despite all of the millions of drug dollars buying advertising and political pull combined with scare campaigns, a majority of people stood up for freedom.

Did they…

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