Vaccines? No Situation So Bad That Tyranny Can’t Make It Worse

Vaccines? No Situation So Bad That Tyranny Can't Make It Worse

Vaccines? No Situation So Bad That Tyranny Can’t Make It Worse

Central planning and micro-management are proven disasters. While individual freedom has created miracles in many failed countries.

Fair Warning: For those who hate other people’s rights to live their own lives, nothing here is likely to change your mind about the wisdom of you and others like you running the lives of others.

Do people believe that their intentions are more important than the results they get? Do they think that superficial knowledge should allow them to decide the fate of someone else’s children.

I’m all for the hysterics making their own choices. I object to their willingness to sacrifice the lives and health of other people’s children to support a cult like belief in vaccines that admittedly aren’t working.

At Disney, 12% of those who came down with measles had been vaccinated.

Instead of seeking better solutions, they want everyone vaccinated because they have a theory that vaccinating everyone with a vaccine that doesn’t work will then prove the theory of herd immunity which has been solidly endorsed by the US Public Health Service who claimed they would use it to successfully eradicate measles in 1967.

Whoops. Well just because it’s a failing theory doesn’t mean it won’t work next time.

And forget about the failed experiment in Casper, Wyoming to eradicate rubella with vaccines which was followed by a 1,000 cases.

Exactly how smart would someone have to be to micro-manage the US?

Since most politicians are also lawyers, whenever they pass a law they feather their profession’s nest. Do we have enough laws yet?

Are they working? Is the war on poverty over yet? How about the war on cancer? How about the war on drugs?

The politicians who pass laws which are amended by regulations and court rulings don’t even bother to read them. It’s probably not possible to read all of the laws and regulations passed each year.

Occasionally we can take a stand when they are being especially arrogant, all knowing, all seeing, all wise… And most likely with full campaign accounts.

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