Vaccines? No Situation So Bad That Tyranny Can’t Make It Worse

Vaccines? No Situation So Bad That Tyranny Can't Make It Worse

When politicians retire, get convicted, or thrown out; they can setup shop for those with fortunes to share with those who can get the company more tax dollars, protection from competition, and/or liability protection if they commit crimes.

The US Government is the greatest giver of other people’s money on the planet.

Those who think that politicians are so smart should prove it by drawing their names from a hat to allow them to perform their next surgeries, give health checkups, diagnose, and heal them.

Politicians are not the best of us. They do not have the wisdom to rule us.

To paraphrase Richard Maybury’s paraphrase of Lord Acton, “Power over others, not only corrupts, it makes stupid too.” Help protect people from politicians or we all will eventually be ruined by out of control stupidity backed by guns.


Congress Moves to Step Up Vaccine Enforcement

This is not Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. Parents deserve answers to what are reasonable questions about vaccine safety. Action Alert!

In a predictable reaction to the recent measles outbreaks, both Republicans and Democrats in Congress filed a “Vaccines Saves Lives” resolution last Friday.

Claiming that there is “no credible evidence” that vaccines cause “life-threatening or disabling disease,” the resolution interprets the vaccination issue as some kind of national security threat—thereby supposedly trumping your right to make informed decisions about your own and your children’s health.

If passed, this resolution will bolster the current backlash against vaccine exemptions and pave the way for states’ efforts to mandate universal vaccinations.

Congress needs to face the facts: vaccines are not 100% safe—nor are they guaranteed to stop diseases.

From 2005 to 2014, no child in America died from measles, yet 108 babies died from the MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccine.

Recent testimony from a CDC whistleblower has suggested a longstanding attempt by the CDC to cover up any adverse data on the safety of the MMR (for more info, see our recent update.)

In the recent measles outbreak among California residents, 12% of the cases occurred in vaccinated individuals.

Despite serious adverse reactions from the HPV vaccine (including Guillain-Barre Syndrome and death), the CDC wants both girls and boys aged 11 and 12 to receive this injection, even though it targets only two of the fifteen potentially cancer-causing strains of the virus.

Despite record vaccination rates against whooping cough, outbreaks are occurring, often at higher rates among those who received the inoculation…

Follow this link. Go to the page. Scroll to the bottom to send a message to congressman and senators what they are doing is not a good idea and that they are not Gods.

Be polite. They must always feel worshipped.

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