(Video) How Cellphone EMF Effects Every Cell Of Your Body?

(Video) How Cellphone EMF Effects Every Cell Of Your Body?
  • It will keep you from talking or texting while driving…
  • It stops you from automatically looking at your phone to see whose calling…
  • It stops you from answering the phone when you shouldn’t… A ringing phone is right up there with a baby’s crying. It demands attention…
  • Your car is a metal cage and the levels of EMF inside a car are higher than outside…
  • You have it with you for emergencies without allowing it to help you create one…
  • Experiments at the University of Utah demonstrate that if you talk on a cell phone or hands free cellphone while driving, your skills degrade to the same level as a drunken driver!

I’ve given a few practical and immediate reasons to protect yourself.

Now watch this video with Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Devra Lee Davis and Dr. Magda Havas which provides you a list of the many ways that EMF radiation harms us, no matter what lying politicians (pardon the repetition) swear is true.

This video provides a compelling case for the dangers of EMF from a host of sources… And it is highly unlikely that any of us will actually act on the information as they suggest by getting rid of our wifi connections.

However if all of us start taking 1st steps and protect Freedom in all things, including freedom of speech, the unshackled collective genius of free people will find solutions while the politicians and monopolies are denying any problems exist.

Just the action of looking for solutions will help you find steps you can take to improve the effects of the world around you.

First, turn off your cellphone when you get in a car. It’s there for emergencies not to create them.

Then explore EMF and protective actions you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones. Like our page and share this post. Now watch this 8 minute video.

Doctor warns that wireless technologies are greatest threat to modern health

(NaturalNews) Is a world filled with Wi-Fi signals a more dangerous, less healthy world? Yes, it is, according to a number of top experts who have spoken recently about the issue.

In this video, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, one of the nation’s top “integrative” cardiologists, says that “wireless technologies” are “the greatest threat to health in this millennium.”

He goes on to say that, by wireless technologies, he means cell phones, microwave ovens, baby crib monitors and Bluetooth devices, among others.

He also notes that the biggest danger being posed by the wireless technology is the near-constant damage done to cell membranes’ receptor sites, which help keep cells healthy and functioning…

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