(Video) Personal Experiences Of Tryptophan Vs Prozac?

Different countries have different levels of health tyranny. Brendan Morgan, the Aussie in the 1st video had to buy his L-tryptophan on the Black Market.

Notice he is fairly paranoid about the potential risks of what he says. He is correct that when taking certain drugs, you need to be very careful about adding other products; because, drugs kill. Treat drugs like dynamite.

We’ll explore how L-tryptophan became temporarily illegal in a fun expose after the videos.

If you don’t know; turkey is a rich source of tryptophan. If I had to pay a doctor a fee before I eat anything; because, my drugs might strike me dead, I would seriously consider a life without daily drugs.

If you’re on drugs, work with drug practitioners. If you’re not on drugs and exploring the value of nutrition, there is very little health risk.

Expect to invest both time and money as you learn more about your choices. Over time you’ll save a fortune and boost your health once you discover how to help your body help itself.

Don’t worry about any money you save. Your politicians and their protected monopolies will have remedies for any money you save by being healthy.

Learn the differences in how Brendan felt each day when he was taking tryptophan and what life was like with prozac… Go to your 1st video now…

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