(Video) Send Parents To Jail Who Dare Question Vaccines?

(Video) Send Parents To Jail Who Dare Question Vaccines?

(Video) Send Parents To Jail Who Dare Question Vaccines?

After watching this, see the link at the bottom of the page to our post about Gandhi and decide for yourself, would Gandhi be put in jail in the US for standing up to another government program?

What makes politicians so wise and honest, that they should micro-manage our lives and the lives of our children?

Forbes reporter, Alex Bereznov, admits in the video that vaccines are hundreds of times more dangerous than measles; but, that measles vaccines should be given anyway because the damage caused by vaccines wasn’t very large even if it is hundreds of time worse than measles.

The reporter conceded death by measles in the US in the last 20 years is One (1)… One… One… In the last 20 years… 

Bereznov jumps to quoting measles statistics for the world and third world countries; because, the figures for the US are insignificant.

The US government vaccine compensation program (after an average of 9 years attempting to avoid payment) has still paid over 3,800 families for death and brain damage.

The CNN reporter then says that death isn’t a big problem; because, she said only 57 children died. 

Should we be concerned about an extra admitted 3,744 plus cases of brain damage and 56 deaths of children? 

Are these people nuts, brain dead, or brainwashed?

CNN Covers Measles Vaccine Debate with Mary Holland and Alex Berezow

By Anne Dachek Mary Holland, Research Scholar at NYU Law and Alex Berezow, PhD appeard on CNN with Alisyn Camerota to discuss the measles outbreak.

As long as the media is adamant that vaccines carry no real risks and every child needs to be vaccinated to prevent death and disease, the cover-up will continue.

The lies are everywhere.  In the face of all the propaganda, Mary Holland’s appearance on CNN was a voice for us all.

Forbes contributor Alex Berezow advocated for FORCED VACCINATION.  It was very scary to hear him talk…

Forbes reporter Alex Berezow proposes that jail for non-vaxxing parents should only be used when nothing else works.  “And as a last resort, in extreme cases, put someone in jail for 24 hours while they vaccinate their kids.  I certainly wouldn’t support prison for people though.”

Watch Alex argue with the mother of an autistic child that vaccines should be given no matter what knowledge the parents and the child’s doctors have about a child.

Article Source: 

Age of Autism: CNN Covers Measles Vaccine Debate with Mary Holland and Alex Berezow

Then Read About Gandhi – Gandhi went to jail for defying the salt monopoly. He was also outspoken against the vaccination programs. Who is better informed about a specific child than the parent and doctor?

When did opinions and theories become the same as facts?

Are politicians, who are mostly attorneys and receive huge funding from drug companies, perfect?

Follow this link to find out more:

Would Gandhi Be Jailed in America for Defying Vaccination Programs (as he did in India)?


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