(Video) Sugar Sucks-Synthetics Are Worse-So What To Do?

(Video) Sugar Sucks-Synthetics Are Worse-So What To Do?

I want as many easy fixes and choices as I can get. I know sugar sucks. Aspartame and company are worse. Then you hear all kinds of suggestions.

What makes sense today?

I am sharing one BIG mistake I made for years that is wrong. It’s a pretty big one… And it’s based on a common belief that still exists today and is deadly wrong.  We’ll get to that on the next page and let Dr. Lustig explain in the video why it’s so wrong.

Dr. Lustig’s videos opened my eyes to my mistake and explained why what I believed was wrong…

I have been reading books, newsletters, articles, watching YouTube and other videos, trying to figure out what the most sensible  sweetener choices are.

Hemlock, poison ivy, poison oak, and sugar can all be organic.  You see organic sweeteners promoted; but, that doesn’t tell you which are extremely harmful and which aren’t… I didn’t fall for the organic sugar is great nonsense. But I fell for a lot more.

You’ll find some good sources and answers on the next page. For your convenience, each video is on it’s own page. Each page should load faster that way…

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