(Video) Sugar Sucks-Synthetics Are Worse-So What To Do?

At one time, I used fructose thinking it was a great sweetener; because, I had been told that since it had a low glycemic index – and wouldn’t cause weight gain and diabetes… Whoops… Not so fast…

First let’s review, low glycemic index means that a product Does NOT cause an insulin spike. That’s good right? Insulin spikes cause hunger and tells our bodies to make, store, and protect our fat.

So yes that’s good… but it’s not the problem.

Insulin is used by the food industry as an opportunity to make more money.  Insulin goes “naturally” haywire when treated to today’s processed foods which are designed to maximize profits by using our bodies natural processes against us.

Never attribute to conspiracy that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” Robert Heinlein

It’s not that the food industry does not understand the cause of obesity. They probably do their best to sabotage the best current informational resources. They are blind to all but profit.

The other possibility is that they are incredibly stupid. I’m voting for greedy.

The fattening food industry is willing to sacrifice our health and lives for their fat profits. Children as young as 6 months old are already suffering the consequences of the fattening, unhealthy food industries.

Back to Fructose: I kept reading that Fructose was a truly bad sugar!

How could Fructose be a terrible sugar and why can it be a terrible sugar when it has a low glycemic index??? 

As Dr. Lustig revealed, glycemic index is the wrong measurement. What needs to be measured is glycemic load!

It’s kind of like deciding whether you can safely drive across a bridge based on size of your car instead of its weight. Something that’s big may weigh a lot; but weight and size are not the same.

Just because something is a measurement, that doesn’t mean it’s the right one.

Now I don’t understand glycemic load yet. As I explore further I’ll post more on the topic; because, that raises big questions about all the food packaging and recommendations we see claiming to choose this food because it has a low glycemic index>>> Whoopsie.

I have just bought 1 of Dr. Lustig’s books on food and I will share more as I discover more. I have included several of Dr. Lustig’s videos for your information before we take you to Dr. Mercola’s page for suggestions on non-lethal sweeteners.

For the moment, what we need are some good choices for sweeteners while we discover more about how to use the concept of glycemic load and other tools to guide us to healthier choices.

Go to the 1st video by Dr. Lustig on the page following.

Bookmark, check for updates, and be sure to share our information; because, the low glycemic index theory is leading a lot of people down a path to very bad health choices.

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