Water Trust Guide?

Water Trust Guide?

Water Trust Guide?

Most utility companies don’t test for drug residues and may other substances that shouldn’t be in your water. They operate on the principle of “Test!… But not too much. What we don’t find, we can ignore.”

Then there is the problem of all those miles of underground pipes.

Sometimes you see a utility work crews and then have you ever had to let your tap water run because it’s brown and you let it run until it looks clean?

Is it clean? Who knows?

This article provides an excellent education about the many processes used on water and how each of them work and where they don’t.

Water Trust Guide?

Water Trust Guide?
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By Derek Henry, Holistic Health Coach for Healing the Body 

We all know water is important. It makes up approximately 70% of our physiology and is critical in many areas, including digestion. However, all the water you see today is not created equal. A lot of it has been taken from a decent source, but then has been bastardized to the point that the side effects are more dangerous than the benefits. So what water do you trust? Check out these 6 sources, and see how your current water intake is affecting your body.

Tap Water

By now you would have to be living under a rock to not have heard that most tap water is riddled with contaminants and bares little to no semblance to its original counterpart. Some of the biggest culprits for ruining your tap water include fluoride, chlorine, and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

There has been several studies show that fluoride actually has no beneficial effect on our teeth and bones, like we were led to believe. In actuality, fluoride:

  • Increases cavities and bone fractures
  • Creates behavioral problems and increases cancer death rates
  • Bio-accumulates in your tissues and is often stored in the brain and thyroid which can cause fatigue, weakness, and lowering of IQ.

As for chlorine, there has been an observed rise of allergies in connection with adding chlorine to the water supply. This points to damage being done to the immune and digestive systems, as well as your liver.

Last but not least, with industrial farming practices, VOC’s have also managed to leech into the public water supply, and have created another layer to water contamination.

Bottom line, don’t go to tap water for any of your hydration needs, unless you have a private well or your municipality has taken a more proactive approach to a cleaner water supply…

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The good news is; your body can overcome many of the shortages of modern technology. Read on to learn what your best choices are to give your body a break…