We Try To Live Smarter So Monopolies Lie More?

We Try To Live Smarter So Monopolies Lie More?

today’s protected monopolies and cartels:

  • Hire experts to lie, falsify and distort reality,
  • Churn out surveys until they get a result they can brag about,
  • Fund non-profit foundations to provide the appearance but not the reality of a consumer based watchdog that is really a lapdog,
  • Hire media talking heads to snicker at anyone who questions their perverted protectionist policies for corporate profit promotions,
  • Employ teams full time, day and night, to provide politicians and bureaucrats lies in the form of slanted studies to create laws that maximize profits,
  • Receive funds and support from more government programs than any of us can imagine… And I have a good imagination.

Lying is both a science and an art form.

The combination of the two is used by these experts of deception to create highly profitable false beliefs repeated so often they become our blind spots.

It’s hard to overcome when you’re not aware of what part of your thinking is wrong and needs to be questioned.

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” Mark Twain

The first false belief we must overcome is: Government is here to help us.

The second is: We can use the tools of criminals – doing what we decide and make everyone bow down through fraud, extortion, and armed thugs.

How can we expect outcomes any different from the current system that destroys lives, opportunity and justice if we continue the same system?

This system, centrally planned government by gun, shovels stolen pieces of our lives to the political elite protected from the freedoms that would undermine their empires. 

Individual Freedom is the only solution to out of control government gangs. 

This next video highlights 2 problems.

1. Dr. Lustig and UCSF researchers talk about the enormous problem of sugar.

2. Dr. Lustig and UCSF researchers talk about how to use government to correct the problems created by government. Remember Twain’s Quote above?

The incentives for protected organizations (including governments) are to suppress change and innovation. Keeping things as they are keep the same people and their share of profits in place. Innovations and changes always threaten the existing order and those who benefit from it.

The only way make corporations responsible is through unregulated competition, unregulated freedom of speech, which forces the giants to improve or lose their market share to competition. 

(I know it’s weird to talk about regulated freedom. There can never be any such thing. It is a political lie to create tyranny while calling tyranny of, by, and for the few: Freedom.)

Expecting a different outcome while using fraud, extortion, and armed thugs to provide operating capital and cooperation is a serious blind spot.

Watch this short video and continue to read about the way the sugar cartels work with other members of the ruling elites to grab money and power with no regard for you, me, and our loved ones.

Sugar Industry Has Subverted Public Health Policy for Decades, Study Finds

By Dr. Mercola

Who writes the policies for public health, and how? This is an important question, and if your initial answer is that policy is created by medical experts, based on the most scientifically compelling evidence available, you’d actually be wrong.

As recent media reports1,2,3,4 have revealed, dental policy, for example, is heavily influenced by the sugar industry.

Adding insult to injury, the American Dental Association (ADA) takes money from junk food companies as well—the primary purveyors of cavities—and then promotes fluoride as the answer to the sugar damage.

As a result of this collusion, dental policy not only downplays the impact that sugar and processed junk food has on dental health, it also ignores the voluminous evidence demonstrating the toxic nature of fluoride.

The situation is virtually identical in the UK. As noted in the British Medical Journal (BMJ):5

“An investigation by The BMJ has uncovered evidence of the extraordinary extent to which key public health experts are involved with the sugar industry and related companies responsible for many of the products blamed for the obesity crisis through research grants, consultancy fees, and other forms of funding.”

Cavities Are Not the Result of Fluoride Deficiency

Blaming cavities on lack of fluoride is like blaming obesity on lack of exercise. The scientific evidence does not support either of these notions, and yet they persist—in large part thanks to industry lobbyists working to obscure the facts.

In the case of dental policy, ADA lobbying, using money from the sugar and junk food industries, have played a key role in perpetuating the fluoride myth rather than attacking the real source of the problem, which is rooted in a diet too high in sugars and too low in vital nutrients.

The sugar industry actually operates in much the same way as the tobacco industry back in its heydays.6 For over 30 years, the tobacco industry knew that nicotine was addictive and caused lung cancer, and this information was purposefully withheld from the public.

Big Tobacco executives even lied during Congressional testimony, stating they had no knowledge of adverse health effects.

Today, Big Sugar is being equally evasive about fessing up the truth, despite overwhelming evidence showing that excessive sugar consumption—which is part and parcel of a processed food diet—is a key driver of obesity, metabolic dysfunction, chronic disease and, of course, dental cavities.

According to the World Health Organization7 (WHO), people across the US and Europe need to cut their sugar consumption in half in order to reduce their risk of tooth decay and obesity.

But how well will such advice take hold when the soda industry is working hand-in-hand with some of our most trusted nutrition experts, including dietitians,8some of whom recently contributed online posts for American Heart Month that included mini-sized coca-colas in their healthy snack recommendations!

Sure, the can may be smaller, but these mini-colas still contain about 5.5 teaspoons of sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup. For an adult with insulin resistance, this one mini-can alone maxes out your fructose allotment for the day.

Honestly, this is like Big Tobacco making mini-cigarettes and doctors promoting them as a healthy alternative for smokers…

Many Parents Still Grossly Misinformed on Sugar Hazards

The WHO’s guidelines call for reducing sugar consumption to 10 percent of daily calories or less, which equates to about 50 grams or 12 teaspoons of sugar for adults. Ideally, the WHO says, your intake should be below five percent. This is more in line with my own recommendations.

I typically recommend keeping your total fructose consumption below 25 grams per day if you’re in good health. If you are insulin resistant, diabetic, obese, or have high blood pressure, heart disease, or other chronic disease, I suggest cutting it down to 15 grams per day until your health and weight have normalized.

It’s important to remember that added sugar hides in most processed foods, beverages, and condiments (typically in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which research has shown to be far more hazardous to your health than glucose or table sugar).

Fruit juices are also chockfull of added sugars, yet many still mistakenly consider fruit juice to be a healthy beverage choice, especially for young children.

As noted in a recent study9 from the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at University of Connecticut, parents have been grossly mislead by marketing and labeling, and have failed to get the message that sweetened drinks are just as hazardous to their children’s health as soda.

According to lead author Jennifer Harris, who is also the director of marketing initiatives at the Rudd Center:

“Although many parents know that soda is not good for children, many still believe that sugary drinks are healthy options. The labeling and marketing for these products imply that they are nutritious, and these misperceptions may explain why so many parents buy them.”

What’s worse, nearly half of all parents surveyed for this study also thought thatflavored waters were healthy, which is a gross miseducation about the facts.

Not surprisingly, the American Beverage Association dismissed the study saying:10“This is just the latest report coming out of an institution with a long history of bashing beverages, and it undermines parents’ ability to make decisions themselves.”

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We Try To Live Smarter So Monopolies Lie More?

We Try To Live Smarter So Monopolies Lie More?
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