Wearable Health Monitors Or Big Brother Eyes?

Wearable Health Monitors Or Big Brother Eyes?

Wearable Health Monitors Or Big Brother Eyes?

Both? Everything has its good and its bad sides and with some forethought, you can reduce the bad radically.

There are devices currently that are responsible for delivering insulin, lowering the incidence of epileptic seizures, controlling pain, heart regulation and more…

These devices can be operated remotely… And some genius thought that all devices of a certain type should all have the same password and then selected 1234.

The same procedures that are life saving can be life threatening if hacked. If you can’t figure out possible bad scenarios from devices that remotely control your life or death, someone will probably create the movie.

Wearables that broadcast your whereabouts with your levels of physical activity, what your eating, alcohol levels and who knows what provide valuable feedback to you. They could potentially provide information that could disqualify you for insurance, jobs, or ???

Embrace these technologies slowly. Search for critics. Discover the problems. And as or more importantly search for solutions.

The Rise of Wearable Fitness Tech

Having trouble staying motivated because you’re not getting any feedback to keep you going? Welcome to the era of the wearable activity tracker. Get instant-feedback about your activity habits, including your sleep, and it might just change your life.

In case you’re still on the fence, activity trackers aren’t going anywhere in 2015. In fact, this trend will continue to grow with new versions and wrists being outfitted each day!

What’s the Big Deal?

The reason for the fitness tracker’s popularity is simple. In order to make a lifestyle change and create healthy habits, you need motivation and feedback. That’s exactly what an activity tracker brings to the table!

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