Weight Loss QiGong Video

Weight Loss QiGong Video

I love all simple choices that are easy to do, have almost no downside, and will provide some benefits and perhaps more as you explore your path further.

Weight loss has a lot of myth; because, it seems so sensible that it’s all about how many calories you burn versus how many calories you eat…

That’s not the way your body works.

When you burn calories it may be fat or lean body tissue.  Which you burn makes a world of difference.

Whether or not QiGong will activate your body to burn more fat and less lean, I don’t know.  But it’s worth trying.  Also add the power of your intention by merely stating to yourself like, “I am grateful for these gentle movements which help activate my fat burning mechanisms throughout my day and as I sleep… In and through all the names of Love.”

Make your own statement or use mine.

Turn Down the Volume.  The video has a loud noise that starts at about 30 seconds.  You don’t need the sound to follow along and do the movements.

Students enjoying Buddha Palm technique, 5 to 10 mins daily to increase flexibility and tone the entire body.

This will take you 2 minutes to experience for yourself.  Follow the link and move gently with the video. You stand in 1 spot.  So you don’t need a big space.  If balance is an issue, stand in a corner, next to a bed, or have something or someone to hang onto.

You are one who knows your physical condition.  Use good judgment as you move forward.

We will be exploring more about QiGong and other programs in future posts.

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May your life be blessed.