What Color Is Your Intelligence?

What Color Is Your Intelligence?

What Color Is Your Intelligence?

Light and color effect us.

Just as we explored in recent posts that mind effects the body and the body effects the mind, is there a way we can choose and use color to enhance our intelligences?

Color therapy reduced pain and accelerated healing at a burn center for children in NY City in the early 1900’s. Color therapy was especially important due to lack of funds to supply other extremely expensive medical treatment.

Dinshah Ghadiali promoted healing & pain relief using colors of light was promptly prosecuted by the drug pushers.

History of Spectro-Chrome. Dinshah P. Ghadiali edited the Spectro-Chrome and Visible Spectrum Researcher magazines, from 1922 to 1957 (240 issues). Their 6000+ pages cover thousands of case reports from abscesses to x-ray burns…

Six physicians and lay practitioners testified in his behalf, one of whom was Dr. Kate W. Baldwin who recounted many of her experiences with Spectro-Chrome in her private practice, and in the Philadelphia Woman’s Hospital where she was Senior Surgeon for twenty-three years…

I bought several of the reports and my own selection of inexpensive color light filters from the Dinshah Society which continues despite suppression and neglect of mainstream.

Now explore and share this multi-colored doorway with others…

You Are a Rainbow – Seven Levels of Intelligence

Epistemology, the study of knowing how we know, is fundamental to focused intelligence. Howard Gardner of Harvard University, and author of Frames of Mind, identifies multiple levels of intelligence: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, bodily kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal.

This chapter is the first of a series of eight that introduces the wonderful world of color psychology, or what I like to call perceptual psychology.

It uses a color-coded model of intelligence developed to its maturity by Christopher Hills that mirrors nature’s tendency to reproduce everything in octaves of seven with repeating eighth notes.

Each of the next seven parts of the series will cover one of the inner worlds of color that each one of us experience to one degree or another.

There are seven biological energy centers that are situated along the spine, which act as prisms to breakdown the background non-visible light into the spectrum colors.

Each master endocrine gland is associated with a color as are different traits in our personalities.

For most people the idea that colored light applied to the body can be a powerful key to unlock the mysterious interactive connection between body mind and spirit is something new.

Light and color propels our evolution, our physical healing and defines who and what we are. It is the light we follow when we leave this body and life on earth.

The whole confusion between life and death comes from too much fixation on the body and not enough attention to the fact that we have a light body which is actually called by the ancients the Rainbow Body because it both absorbs and radiates out light and color, which can be easily measured with today’s technology as a matter of routine…

Follow This Link to Unveil the List of the Seven Colors of Intelligence

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