What Happens to Autistic Children Who Grow Up?

My friend Annie has severe autism... we used to hang out...i miss her.

What Happens to Autistic Children Who Grow Up?

If you’re like me, you’ve already made some major mistakes in how you think about autism.

Like everyone, autistic children grow. Some become high performers.

I didn’t know that. It still appears way too many don’t.

It is my hope that mainstream medical will get out of the way so that these children can have access to any and all choices of treatment that they, their families, and medical support think should be investigated.

There is almost always a way when people are free to search for solutions.

If you’ll follow the link after this brief into, you’ll learn about a growing problem that is better eliminated than managed. Governments manage problems and suppress solutions.

You are not the government. You discover solutions and cures and fire the self-serving managers and even those who really cared… And if their charges are healed they don’t mind.

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Interviewer: “That’s an issue.  A lot of parents caring for their young children with autism wonder what’s going to happen down the road with these kids.”

Polly Tommey: “It’s every parent’s nightmare. We go to bed at night thinking, ‘Who’s going to care for our children?’  Autism is difficult.  There’s no doubt about it.  There’s not really anything easy about it.  And the older they get, sometimes the worse the problems get because …they’re not little anymore. …My son’s eighteen and he’s huge.  He can behave inappropriately in Walmart.  People aren’t so understanding when they’re big.”

This is the looming disaster we’ll be talking about everywhere.

Polly Tommey is someone familiar to the autism community and this is such an important effort.  There is such a eerie feeling hearing a parent say, “It’s every parent’s nightmare. We go to bed at night thinking, ‘Who’s going to care for our children?'”

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