What To Do With Moldy Food? 1&2

What To Do With Moldy Food?

What To Do With Moldy Food?

I pulled a block of cheese from my refrigerator a few days ago that had mold on it and I wondered how safe it was to remove the mold and what the mold said about the overall quality of the cheese at the moment.

Here are some good guidelines for moldy food and their dangers…

What To Do With Moldy Food?

What To Do With Moldy Food?
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By Dr. Mercola

You take a block of cheese out of your refrigerator and notice fuzzy spots of white or green mold. Should you toss it or simply cut the mold off? What about mold that appears on other foods, like strawberries or bread?

The “rules” about when it’s safe to eat moldy food or not vary depending on the type of food. Generally speaking, if the food is hard, such as a brick of cheddar cheese or a carrot, you can cut off the moldy section (plus about one inch around it) and use the rest.

For softer foods, they should be discarded when mold is spotted because, the fact of the matter is, mold can be quite dangerous, and its roots can easily permeate soft foods, contaminating areas that appear to be mold-free. Let me explain…

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