What’s Wrong With Vitamin D3 List? Do You Know All 9?

What's WrongWith Vitamin D3?

Do you know the 9 problems with using sunshine to create high levels of vitamin d3?

  1. It has to be the right time of year,
  2. In the right hemisphere,
  3. At the right time of day,
  4. While wearing little to no clothing, (difficult if you’re at work)
  5. In direct contact with the sun (No sunscreens or glass between you and the sunshine),
  6. Bathing too quickly can interrupt your skins manufacturing D3 process (Wait 48 hours please… We will provide 1 way to complete this natural process in post #3 in this series…),
  7. If your skin is dark, you don’t absorb sunlight well,
  8. And most of mainstream medical’s posted recommendations are nonsense…

Aside from that, it’s perfect…

Oh yeah. #9 It should NOT be called a vitamin as you’ll discover in this presentation…  

And I forgot to list #10, which i’ll do with a link for more on this wonderfully beneficial and cheap, cheap, cheap nutrient after the rest of our post.

What should Vitamin D3 be called and why is that important? Read on…

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