What’s Wrong With Vitamin D3 List? Do You Know All 9?

What's WrongWith Vitamin D3?

Have your ever met someone who just glowed? Let this Doctor’s Smile be contagious. Share his smile, his wisdom, and add your own.

I promised you’d hear from a doctor and a lawyer. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH, is both.

MPH is Master of Public Health degree. I had to look it up.

The lawyer part comes into play today if you wish to assert your right to health freedom in the face of vaccine Nazi’s. I assume from his name that he’s Jewish and that may influence his perspective on forcing medical experiments on others. That’s what the Nazi’s did. Dr. Eisenstein helps people protect their medical rights.

In this video on Why You Have Not Heard The Truth About Vitamin D, you can explore this list of 10…

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