What’s Wrong With Vitamin D3 List? Do You Know All 9?

What's WrongWith Vitamin D3?

  • Why are we so severely deficient in vitamin D?
  • What are some the source of vitamin D?
  • What are the  toxicity levels?
  • What’s the difference between vitamin d3 in vitamin d2?
  • What risks accompany different levels of d3 in the body?
  • How do D3 levels effect breast cancer?
  • What is the link to skin cancer?
  • Why is Vitamin D3 not really a Vitamin?
  • What should my level of D3 be?
  • What’s the best way to get enough D3?

Before we dive into the presentation, watch this 98 second introduction to Dr. Mayer  Eisenstein, then continue to the next page to explore why D3 is a suppressed, ignored or belittled by fat pharma and mainstream medical…

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