What’s Wrong With Vitamin D3 List? Do You Know All 9?

What's WrongWith Vitamin D3?

Reduce Breast Cancer Risk by 90%… Share This 1 Great Tip…

We were born with the most incredible healing and health maintenance programs on the planet. Drug companies with all their billions can only dream and drool over what your body can do without spending a penny.

In the case of vitamin D3, you only need sunshine; but, as we pointed earlier, for most of the planet, most of that time, sunshine is not a good answer.

We need to take vitamin D3 supplements and they do cost a little; but, they’re a very cheap supplement. With a little looking I just found a year’s supply at 5,000 iu per day for under $20 and that includes s&h and sales tax.

Because the political elite take more money from us serfs through inflation, that price could jump at any time. That’s the price on May 2, 2015.

There are many great causes out there. How’s this one?

You can help reduce breast cancer by 90% by sharing this information. We are posting, highlighting and encouraging others to share with their networks. We will repeat D3 information in different stories with different posts. Please help by sharing.

What if we’re wrong? You’ll help all the world counteract a deficiency they plays a vital in maintaining health across the board. You’ll have prompted someone to spend about $15 per year which will provide several benefits.

What if the information we share with you is right? You will help reduce 90% of common breast cancers by those who take action… Plus you help reduce flu and colds, while supporting the body’s ability to function at higher levels. You can spread the word that individuals can counteract deficiencies in Vitamin D3 for about $15 per year.

Share this information.

Anyone who doesn’t get cancer, doesn’t need toxic drugs or false hope provided by chemo and radiation pushers.

The so-called success rate in the US is 2.1% using chemo and radiation. That’s a 5 year survival rate and not a cure.

The drug path is guaranteed to make you miserable. They transfer huge sums to the failing drug cartels who are responsible for the suppression of better alternatives.

A better future will never arrive until we start making better choices today.

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Theories linking vitamin D deficiency to cancer have been tested and confirmed in more than 200 epidemiological studies, and understanding of its physiological basis stems from more than 2,500 laboratory studies.



GrassrootsHealth founder Carole Baggerly believes 90 percent of ordinary breast cancer is related to vitamin D deficiency. In fact, breast cancer has been described as a “vitamin D deficiency syndrome.” 

The way vitamin D interferes with breast cancer’s ability to spread is by affecting the structure of those cells—without adequate vitamin D, they fall apart and are forced to “overmultiply” in order to survive.


Previous research has shown that optimizing your vitamin D levels can reduce your risk for as many as 16 different types of cancer, including pancreatic, lung, ovarian, breast, prostate, and skin cancers. A study of menopausal women showed that maintaining vitamin D serum levels of 40ng/ml lowers overall cancer risk by 77 percent.


Two recent papers in the journal Science Express15 shed light on how cancer might begin. A cancer cell can be created when unusual mutations occur in a small area of its DNA that controls and regulates its genes, as contrasted with mutations in the genes themselves.


The mutations spur the cell to make telomerase. One of the functions of telomerase is to prevent telomere shortening, which leads to cell death. According to Harvard researchers, abundant telomerase is so important to cancers that it appears in nine out of ten.


In addition to being a strong cancer preventative, vitamin D is crucial for pregnant women and their babies, lowering the risk for preterm birth, low birth weight, and C-section. And sadly, 80 percent of pregnant women have inadequate vitamin D levels.

Low Vitamin D in Pregnancy May Increase Your Baby’s Risk for Multiple Sclerosis Later in Life…

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She brought her own beach blanket!

She brought her own beach blanket!
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