When Vaccines Harm A Child & ProVacciners Don’t Care – Is Vaccination Good?

Heartbreak And Happiness Progress On The Autism Scale

The good news is that change frequently follows when blind belief goes ga ga in their demands to crucify those who aren’t true believers.

This happened with the suppressed memory craze where people who didn’t know what they were doing planted false memories of children being sexually mistreated by anyone and everyone. They destroyed a lot of lives before they were unveiled as ignorant and arrogant.

Then there was the truly outrageous prosecutions of daycare centers that included secret passageways, plane trips, and other details that were easily proved false if anyone bothered to look and notice details like wall to wall windows facing a busy stress and parents who came and went all day.

Historically there were the Salem Witch Craft Trials and the Spanish Inquisition.

All of these grew and grew and attacked so many people with their outrageous beliefs that they imploded.

I know I have read and researched more about autism and vaccines, memory and beliefs, influence and manipulation, than most and probably all of those who call me anti-science; because I don’t agree with their opinion and even worse I don’t think their opinions are the same as facts.

The biggest difference in all of these cases between those who would kill or condemn others is that the ones seeking their freedom are not trying to force their beliefs on others.

It is only the self-righteous and foolish who think they are wise enough to say how others have to live their lives or be imprisoned or killed if they resist.

You can help the vaccine fanatics join their predecessors by sharing this story. Hopefully their cruelty is coming to an end.

This story explores the heartbreak of autism… And it explores the caring and love that so many are willing to give.

I think this story will touch your heart and if so, please share.

22nd Birthday, Severe Autism and the Bus Is Not Coming Anymore For Megan Conrick

By Teresa Conrick

Meg graduation 3

I cried Friday.  I don’t often let tears show but they flowed freely many times on that day, her LAST DAY as a student.

I said goodbye to our wonderful bus driver and aide as my daughter,

Megan, is twenty-two, today and our school district will have no further responsibility in her education. The bus will no longer pull up each morning to greet my severely affected daughter.

Our driver and aide these past two years have been the BEST in all of the eighteen years Meg has taken the bus to school, a 45 minute drive each way.

God bless these two beautiful people who showed care and compassion to my daughter, each and every day.

I could go on and on and also compare them to others who showed fear, anger and little patience for Meg, or the other bus company (First Student) who LOST my daughter on a bus numerous times with no radio.

That’s right. The bus got lost and drove around for 3 hours on more than one occasion with my nonverbal child!

It was not the first time that I needed to call and convince sane people that this was an insane situation.

Mary, Megan’s sister, had come in from college to attend the graduation.

Unlike Mary’s high school graduation with fanfare and college plans, Meg’s final days in school have felt FINAL with the future uncertain.

Having an autoimmune diagnosis, seizure disorder, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), specialized food and dietary restrictions, impaired cognitive and communication abilities, and intermittent OCD/agitation/aggression, life for Meg and us has been challenging to say the least.

BUT since we are now so very focused on her immune system and her microbiome, things have been slowly improving — for starters, her graduation was one of the highlights of my life!

She was so HAPPY, ATTENTIVE and LOVING to all around her.

The affection that staff and peers had for Meg was shown in a series of slide shows that had us laughing and also in tears.  The spectrum of autism was all around but even more obvious was the powerful force of support and love…

Please read on and share this story…

Megan’s Story Link: >>

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When Vaccines Harm A Child & ProVacciners Don't Care - Is Vaccination Good?

When Vaccines Harm A Child & ProVacciners Don’t Care – Is Vaccination Good? Flickr: hepingting-Autism

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