Who Else Wants To Parrot A Convicted Felon Of Medicaid Fraud Who Is Attacking Dr Oz?

See & Hear Dr. Oz Expose His Critics

When I searched for defenders of Dr. Oz and Freedom Of Speech, I found a lot of links with headlines seeming to be in defense of Dr. Oz and were used to attack him instead.

When I looked for videos on YouTube, it was the same story…

I found several announcements that he would defend himself April 23 and I’m about to give you that link…

I found it curious that his website is supported so heavily by the drug industry.

The attack was by a group that was pretty easy to discredit, especially when you have all of the resources that Dr. Oz has of a news show behind you.

A favorite tool of propaganda is controlling the voices against them by creating their own opposition. They allow wiggle room but not too much… Or they boost voices they’re not very afraid of.

I hope that’s not happening here.

Dr. Oz is better than many sources. He doesn’t need my approval for his opinions.

Whatever the case may be, you and I are responsible to think for ourselves… We must continually question our sources; because, the bad guys are really bad. These monopolies really have billions of dollars to spend protecting and promoting their empires.

See & Hear Dr. Oz Expose His Critics as Dr. Oz presents his responses on the Dr. Oz Show. Enjoy…

See & Hear Dr. Oz Expose His Critics

See & Hear Dr. Oz Expose His Critics
Flickr: David Berkowitz-Dr. Oz at ServiceNation 2008

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