Why Costco Chicken Changes May Help Us All?

Why Costco Chicken Changes May Help Us All?

Whole Foods stores have demonstrated there’s a lot of money in organic foods. Be warned they have quite a bit that isn’t all that healthy; but, as more competition enters the marketplace, they will review what they offer as well.

A large chain has to be lead by its diverse customers. Those who select their products cannot know everything and there are companies who will feed them inaccurate information promoting second and third rate offers.

A better future may be closer than we think. Encourage wherever you shop to learn more and make healthy product offers. Like our pages. Share our posts. And mostly share the ideas…


Cstco has decided to phase out the sale of chickens that have been treated with shared-use antibiotics.

This is a big win in a few ways.

First, the low levels of antibiotics meant for human use that find their way into the raising of conventional meat make the antibiotics less effective, as they only succeed in killing the low-level bacteria and creating antibiotic resistant superbugs by allowing the stronger strains to survive.

Second, consumers who are voting with their dollars for healthier meat that isn’t full of unnecessary hormones and antibiotics are being heard.

This announcement from Costco comes on the heels of a similar announcement from McDonalds.

McDonalds and Costco, the third largest retailer in the US, are deciding to go against traditionally accepted agricultural practices because of public pressure and demand, showing that informed consumers can and do make a difference.

Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs

Antibiotics began as a way for medicine to fight the most serious of infections.

Now it feels like they’re used to treat anything and everything, from pneumonia to ear infections to acne.

They’re also being used to continually dose factory farmed animals, which is giving virulent bacteria capable of surviving weaker antibiotics an opportunity to thrive.

Costco’s decision to stop purchasing animals who have been dosed with human-use antibiotics will have a positive long term effect on the effectiveness of antibiotics and make immune systems stronger.

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