Why Force Children To Play Vaccination Russian Roulette?

Why Force Children To Play Vaccination Russian Roulette?

This site is for people with open minds who are trying to understand the reality of forcing children to play Vaccination Russian Roulette for the benefit of drug company profits

Self appointed vaccine police want to force parents who know the risks of the vaccines to take the child to play Vaccination Russian Roulette?

If the parent doesn’t take their child to play the game, the vaccine cultists may try to have the child kidnapped from the parent, vaccinated, and fed into a government program of foster care which has about 402,000 children in captivity on any day with perverse financial incentives to keep the children once successfully in their clutches.


Can you think of anything more diabolical than forcing a parent to take their child in for their turn to play Vaccination Russian Roulette or have their child taken by force?

Risk your child’s life and heath or lose your child? The US Vaccine Court has paid out over $3 Billion as of Feb, 2015 in damages and climbing while the vaccine Nazi’s claim anyone who asks questions about the safety of vaccines is anti-science and a risk to society (or drug company profits?).

  • Not all will die?
  • Not all will be crippled?
  • What’s an acceptable risk?
  • Who should decide?

You can help stop this drug profit promotion insanity.

For example, many of the cases of measles reported from the Disney Theme Park had been vaccinated for measles. Many diseases can actually be transferred and spread by the vaccinated.

The only way drug companies will improve their vaccines is if politicians quite protecting and promoting them.

Drug companies will do anything for a profit. They might even provide a valuable service if they lose their monopoly protected and promoted status?

Why do some people think their opinions are so good, they should be enforced with guns? Why do they think they should be a self-appointed dictator?

The proposals for forced vaccines remind me of medical experimentation on imprisoned children under the Nazis.

The most dangerous belief in the world is that someone has the right to be a tyrant. The tyrants come up with excuses and justifications; “God Anointed Me” or the ruling elites favorite variation, “I am God and you must do what I say without question…”

Drug Company Stooges, Fascists, and Power Addicts… Please go somewhere else. This site is not for you. Go read the drug label warnings. That’s always good for a laugh until you realize they’re serious.

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