Why Keep Water On Your Nightstand?

Why Keep Water On Your Nightstand?

At night we lose water, which means…

In the morning we are dehydrated. Dehydration allows all kinds of nasty opportunities for illness and ill health.

It’s easy to cure dehydration. Just drink clean water.

That’s easier said than done. Still almost any water is better than none.

Dr. J. Bamanghelidj wrote several books on water, his best known is: “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.”

You may think drinking water is too simple to heal anything. But if you’re dying in a dessert, your body is shutting down. If you come across an oasis with clear, clean water, your body rehydrates and recovers.

Your body is probably dehydrated for a variety of reasons and if you address the dehydration, it’s not a miraculous cure… It’s the alleviation of a problem you created and have continued to support.

Water is your healer if your body suffers from any form of dehydration.

It’s cheap. So learn a little and test what others are finding effective for yourself…

Explore the magical and mysterious healing powers of water…

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