Why More & More Women Refuse Mammograms?

Why More & More Women Refuse Mammograms?

If getting an annual dose of radiation – knowing that radiation causes cancer – were the only possible choice to watch for cancer, it still wouldn’t make sense… as this latest study shows.

There are blood tests. There is ultrasound.

There is thermography, which doesn’t use radiation that causes cancer, which can detect tumors long before a mammogram, at smaller sizes, without smashing the breasts; so why are mammograms promoted?

Well there is, of course, profit. Plus many organizations have ignored safer options and now have fortunes invested in mammography equipment; so, they need patients to pay for their mistakes no matter how stupid and counterproductive dosing with radiation may be.

An interesting approach would be periodic use of non-toxic cancer therapies from the alternative medical community. These approaches are generally good for you anyway. Probably wouldn’t hurt.

Mainstream treatments are bad for healthy people and yet are supposed to be good for sick people?

Since the US cancer industry has a dismal 2.75% cure rate using toxic treatments that make your life miserable and may help other things kill you before the cancer can, you’d have to be nuts and very trusting to go that route.

Most cancer patients don’t know that in another recent study, cancer patients who didn’t get cancer treatment outlived and had better quality with their longer life than those who went down the drain with mainstream treatments of choice.

No treatment lived 12.5 years on average versus 3 years average for those with chemotherapy. See our link following this post for our post on this study.

Right now, read on about to learn more about finding options that provide benefit instead of mammograms which don’t.

Women In The Know Refuse Mammograms

New study: women with the real facts about mammograms are more likely to opt out of the test.

Despite the pink campaign for early breast cancer detection, a recent Canadian study confirms that mammograms don’t save lives.

It’s true that breast screening campaigns find more cancer.  Since they were implemented in the UK, Europe, the U.S., Australia, and other countries, the incidence of breast cancer has increased by 2% to 10% per year.[i]  But finding all of those extra cases of breast cancer earlier hasn’t saved lives.

The 25-year Canadian National Breast Screening Study followed 89,835 women, aged 40 to 59, in a randomized controlled trial.  About half of the women were given annual mammograms and the other half just visited their doctor without receiving the test.

The researchers found that getting an annual mammogram does not reduce the mortality from breast cancer any more than getting a physical exam from a doctor.[ii]

They also found that annual mammograms are not just useless; they can be seriously harmful.  The study results showed a significant risk of over-diagnosis and over-treatment.

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PS – Everyone is unique. However, I can’t imagine anyone benefitting from mammograms that don’t reduce mortality when you can select from other alternatives.

Follow this next link to explore the research on how profit producing chemotherapy can’t do as well as doing nothing.

One of these days, we will see people choose options to prevent cancer or to help the body reach a peak of health to eradicate cancers.

Explore the worlds of what is already available to improve health and why so many people have turned away from mainstream medical patent protected medicine.

Chemotherapy Kills When Cancer Won’t?

Why More & More Women Refuse Mammograms?

Why More & More Women Refuse Mammograms?
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