Why Reporting Truthful Vaccine Information Is Risky?

Why Reporting Truthful Vaccine Information Is Risky?

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The blog itself and our Facebook Fanpages are pretty immune to censorship. Our overall ratings per posts are quite good. Most people want to explore before they decide, They don’t want to shut down sources of information, questions, and opinions that are outside mainstream.

Censors attack any advertising and posts critical of the drug industry. Facebook has policies that can be used for censorship if you know how.

The loyal followers of fat pharma censored WikiPedia’s health reporting and replaced it with mainstream medical propaganda. They are working day and night to shut down other avenues of criticism to their ideal world of drug addicts who contribute to high pharmaceutical profits.

The billion dollar drug pushers were early participants in gaining control of the review mechanisms used by WikiPedia.

That’s why WikiPedia is such an abysmal source of information for anything nutritional or alternative. It is a cheerleader for the drugs, vaccines, surgeries, chemo, radiation, and other failing tools of mainstream medical.

With billions of dollars in very high profit, annual revenues at stake, the pharmaceutical companies provide rewards for supporters and punishment for critics.

I’m sure some critics are sincere in their beliefs about the values of censorship and silencing voices of dissent. The censors believe if they and other selected elite rule the world, it will be a better world.

We will continue to question, research, and share what we discover despite the cult like following of the drug industry who do their best to silence and belittle those who dare to question and share what they uncover.

Here’s another truthful report that will earn us high negative feedback.

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Small local newspaper dares to report truth about vaccine-damaged children receiving financial compensation from the federal vaccine court


The corporate media won’t report such cases because their bottom line is more important than being honest with their readers, but vaccine damages do occur, even if the big newspapers don’t want to risk their pharmaceutical industry ad purchases to tell you about them.

But not all media is corrupted in that manner, so our hats go off to the small-time Charlotte Observer, of Charlotte, North Carolina, which had the courage to tell the story of a local resident whose child has no future, thanks to vaccines.

As the paper reported in its February 28 edition online:

As they started their family, Mooresville residents Theresa and Lucas Black dutifully got their children immunized, never doubting their doctor’s word that vaccines are safe and necessary.

But their faith in those promises was shaken in 2001, when their 3-month-old daughter, Angelica, developed life-threatening seizures and brain damage just three days after getting several vaccinations.

A neurologist in Charlotte diagnosed Angelica with vaccine-related encephalopathy – a brain injury.

And in 2006, she was awarded $2 million plus $250,000 from a little known federal judiciary called the “vaccine court,” which was established just for this purpose: Paying out vaccine-related injury claims.

‘Anti-vaxxers’ derided and compared to common criminals who should be jailed

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Why Reporting Truthful Vaccine Information Is Risky?

Why Reporting Truthful Vaccine Information Is Risky?
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