Why The FDA Pushes The Boundaries Of Stupid?

Why The FDA Pushes The Boundaries Of Stupid?

…Don’t expect a suntan… or a sunburn… or for your body to make vitamin d3; because, you are not receiving 1 molecule of the sun.

Apparently to the critics of homeopathy, energy has no power?

The speaker also told a Harvard graduate and Medical Doctor who spoke on how he used homeopathy with great success that he was wrong; because, the speaker – who did not practice medicine or any form the healing arts – said the Doctor was wrong.

Homeopathy is a Threat… Just not to the person who takes it. It’s cheap, fast, and more effective than many drugs without the dangers or the price tags. Homeopathy promotes cures. Drugs promote lifetime addiction.

And that’s really what this is all about… The drug cartels don’t get paid when people have the freedom to choose better options. So their lapdog, the FDA, does their best to eliminate or regulate to death our choices and the drug lords are happy. Read on…

FDA Pushing To Regulate Homeopathy Out of Existence

Why is there a sudden push by the FDA to label homeopathic remedies as dangerous? Why is there a need to regulate substances that have been used for hundreds of years with out any issues? What does the FDA have to gain?

The FDA has published two documents recently, which suggest that WAR is being declared on the profession of homeopathic medicine – or at least on the manufacture of homeopathic remedies, which comes to the same thing in the end. What is a homeopath without homeopathic remedies?

On March 19, 2015 the FDA published an advisory (called a “safety alert”) about homeopathic asthma OTC medications, recommending that patients be wary, and that health care practitioners be sure to report any adverse effects to the FDA. Here is the link to that safety alert:

The FDA has since that date scheduled public hearings on

“the current use of human drug and biological products labeled as homeopathic, as well as the Agency’s regulatory framework for such products. These products include prescription drugs and biological products labeled as homeopathic and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs labeled as homeopathic.”

Here is the link to the document which was published on March 27, 2015 – not even 10 days after the March 19th safety alert.

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