Why Vaccine Pushers Try To Muzzle Their Opposition?

Why Vaccine Pushers Try To Muzzle Their Opposition?

When confronted with research and the US Government Vaccine Court admissions that vaccines kill and create brain damage, the vaccine cult members quickly call the speaker “Anti-Science” as if blind belief in the pharmaceutical industry’s outrageously priced, failing offerings is the only logical choice.

I don’t think so. And that’s why big pharma lost vaccination battles in the Northwest despite spending many millions of dollars beyond what families can spend to protect their children in protracted media battles.

Fortunately, most people are too decent to sacrifice other people’s children because of shouts, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

The drug companies need to improve their product and not expect others to pay for their mediocre vaccines at ridiculously high prices.

Why should anyone risk their children’s health or some other child’s health for a poorly performing and dangerous drug?

Although this article starts off with a Freedom of Speech triumph, the drug pushers were able to silence the voices and remove the article from the internet. To explore their other censorship victories, read on to understand why it’s up to folks like you and me to protect children from second rate vaccine pushers.

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Control All Delete, Part 1: The Un-American Suppression of the Vaccine Safety Debate

By Dan Olmsted

Last month, the Toronto Star ran a perfectly reasonable article titled “A Wonder Drug’s Dark Side,” about adverse events following the HPV vaccine Gardasil. It wasn’t long before the paper and its editor, Michael Cooke, were set on by the raving pack of hyenas that attacks anyone who dares suggest that vaccines are not pure as the driven snow.

One critic, Julia Belluz, writes for an online publication called Vox, which I first encountered this year when they did a Q&A with me headlined, not very nicely, “Understanding the fear of vaccines: an activist explains why he buys a debunked idea.” They are reflexive, relentless and nasty vaccine zealots – that’s what zealotry is.

The Star’s Cooke didn’t much like Vox’s predictable and unjustified criticism. He sent Ms. Belluz this: “Stop gargling our bathwater and take the energy to run yourself your own, fresh tub.” He told another critic via Twitter: “Try not to be an idiot.”

Unfortunately, the publisher did cave to pressure. Have you ever thought about how much money the drug cartels spend on advertising each year?

Drug companies apply financial pressure to silence their opposition. They are losing every attempt to push their dangerous products to an informed public. That’s why they need censorship.

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