Why Vaccines Don’t Stop Flu?

This article may make you feel better about all of the doom and gloom threats of flu epidemics. And it contains some negative information on vaccines; but, unless the tyrants win you still have a choice on taking vaccines with dangers.

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The Real Flu Strikes Just Twice Every 10 Years – Here’s Why Vaccines Are Useless For Influenza

Many are still hypnotized by all the propaganda on influenza. Over 200 different types of viruses can cause a cold, and only a rare few can cause the flu. According to CDC data, in over the last decade, 86% of all influenza-type illnesses (ILI) were NOT caused by the influenza virus, thus influenza viruses are ONLY active 14% of the time.

The symptoms of influenza infection can be hard to distinguish from those caused by other viruses that trigger the common cold. Chances are that if you’re 30 or over, it may be a cold. That’s the message from research showing that people aged 30 or more can expect just two bouts of flu per decade for the rest of their lives. 

Since the two illnesses share some similar symptoms, and both come during “cold and flu season,” the two often run together in people’s minds. We have a vague idea that they are different, but if pressed, have a hard time saying exactly how.

The symptoms we get during a viral illness are often the body’s attempt to get rid of the virus and to minimize damage. Sneezing ejects the virus from the nose, cough from the lungs and throat, vomiting from the stomach, and diarrhea from the intestines. Fever makes it difficult for the virus to reproduce. The topic of viral illnesses will always remain somewhat confusing, since the body has a relatively small number of symptoms with which to respond to an ever-changing, wide variety of viruses. While colds and flus may overlap, the differences between them are important and should make people think twice before submitting themselves to any flu vaccines.

The proportion of ILI caused by influenza viruses varies by year, and even varies within a specific year over the course of the winter. 
Therefore, since flu strains are only active 14% of the time, and under a hypothetical scenario that influenza vaccines work 25% of the time (which is marginally high percentage for flu vaccine effectiveness), that means the maximum effectiveness of the flu vaccine would be 3.5% on influenza viral strains and nil for ILI…

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Flickr: Sabbhat Sabacio Striges-el miedo se observa

Flickr: Sabbhat Sabacio Striges-el miedo se observa

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