Why Would Anyone Cover Up Autism Vaccine Links?

Do Children Deserve to Have Us Question the Vaccines Forced Upon Them?

Why Would Anyone Cover Up Autism Vaccine Links?

This book brings satisfactory answers about the statistics that vaccines will harm different percentages of children to different degrees with few benefits except financial to all of vaccines defenders.

The drug companies spend billions in advertising. Mainstream media is tightly owned and manipulated.

Most people in their employ will assume due diligence has been performed and they are reporting truth that has been verified by someone else.

We are taught in government schools to accept authority and not question it.

Follow this article to discover why it is so vitally important to question authority. Our children deserve that from us.


The Big Autism Cover-Up, How and Why the Media is Lying to the American Public, from…

In The Big Autism Cover-Up I explore the critical issues–those things that should have made autism into a national crisis and caused a media reporting frenzy.  Incredibly each of them ended up being distorted, trivialized and allowed to fade into obscurity because of the actions of news organizations.

The list includes:

Unanswered Questions,  the announcement in 2011 that the U.S. government had quietly been compensating vaccine injury victims for damages that included autism for over two decades while publicly denying that such a link existed,…

Our children deserve our attention to intelligent questioning about the vaccines we inflict upon them. Please read on and share.

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