Will Competing Drug Patents Cause Improvements Or?

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that many of the Disneyland measles cases happened in people who had been vaccinated.

If the vaccines work, why did the vaccinated get measles along with the unvaccinated? 

Where’s the benefit that so outweighs the risks confessed by the CDC and the US Vaccine Court when vaccines don’t do what they’re supposed to do? Vaccines are supposed to make you immune to a disease(s) and they don’t. The Disney farce is 1 more proof. 

You can find occasional admissions that vaccines don’t work 100% of the time and that they can cause more harm than help, buried in tons of “Vaccines Are Glorious!” propaganda.

The drug pushers are not going to admit the value is marginal at best and possibly more harmful than beneficial. They make $35 Billion in annual revenues. The political elite setup a special court, the US Vaccine Court, to protect the drug pushers from lawsuits.

The drug companies benefit from our dollars which are used to fund drug company research.

When some marginally performing product can be declared the new Drug SuperMan… The winning drug company will spend enough money on advertising, public relations, bribes, and propaganda to make billions from a product that our money supplied them before it is withdrawn or the patent expires.

Our money was wasted coming up with a patentable second rate product which the drug lords will now charge us fortunes for. Next the government will help take more money from us to buy the drugs whether we want them of not plus a fat chunk for their tax collection and monopoly promotion services.

Companies have also been known to buy competing products and bury them when it’s cheaper than changing existing infrastructure or a less profitable product.

Whether or not the innovations described below will be a blessing or a curse remains to be seen; but, any competition in this dismal drug pushing marketplace could cause the drug cartels to improve their drugs.

We’re posting this to remind everyone that alternatives to the existing vaccines are being and should be explored. Those who profit from artificial and harmful drugs will continue to demonize the idea that nutrition, clean water, and improved cleanliness have had anything to do with historical improves in health.

Cultists are trained to believe taking drugs is more important than clean water, nutrition, and cleanliness.

Drugs are not our savior and never were. Sometimes they help. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes drugs hurt. Sometimes they do both at the same time. People are different.

That’s why choice is so important… Unless you’re part of the drug cartel and your only focus is on protecting and expanding revenues. Then you want to make supporters into cult members who never question anything or examine the many failings of drugs.

New Synthetic ‘SynVaccine’ May Forever Settle The Vaccination Debate

By Maya Yarowsky, NoCamels

If you’re the parent of a young child, or an adamant reader of health news, you may have heard of the recent wave of parents who refuse vaccination.

Insisting that vaccines are unsafe and have harmful side effects, the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement just got a huge reality check when over twenty people were infected with measles after visiting the Disneyland Amusement Park with their kids.

Now there is good news – one Israeli company may have the safe vaccination solution that will knock the socks off the anti-vaccination movement.

Founded only 18 months ago but soon to begin clinical trials, SynVaccine creates novel vaccines to treat some of the most serious and currently untreatable viral diseases on the planet: Dengue fever, Ebola, HRSV and HIV.

If SynVaccine passes all the checks and makes it to the market, it may change the way people think about vaccination and even deter future generations from categorizing vaccines as hazardous.

Creating safe, synthetic vaccines from scratch

The story of the safe vaccine, SynVaccine, begins at the Weizmann Institute in Israel where company co-founder and chief scientist Dr. Tuval Ben Yehezkel came up with the idea to change the way vaccines are conceived.

Tuval realized that vaccines don’t need to be created from microorganisms belonging to existing viruses, but instead could essentially be built from scratch, using our own tissue cells to create ‘synthetic’ viruses (hence the name “SynVaccine”).

Together with co-founder Dr. Tamir Tuller, a computational biologist at Tel Aviv University, the two noticed that they could actually design a vaccine from the bottom up without ever having to refer to organisms in the host virus.

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